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 Vehicle Access Control & Parking Management Application Case 

This lecture contains RF245’s long range vehicle access control and parking management system installed in Garak Market, Seoul, Korea.

  Reliable Stability

* Stable Reading Range of NEO RF245

If used with IDA245(N)/IDA245(N)-H2 Active Card, reading range can be adjusted up to 15 M(50FT) depending on the installation conditions.

* Prevention of Multiple Reading in case of Two Vehicles Approaching the Gate at the Same Time
Eliminates multiple readings as it only reads the vehicle’s tag that approaching the sensor (loop coil).

* Multiple Card/Tag Identification
Identifies 30 cards per second, which is suitable for logistic tracking when RF tags are attached to the logistics.

* 90° One-directional Antenna for Long Range Identification
Includes 90° one-directional antenna for stable long range identification.

* Reading Angle Adjustable
If the reader hood is attached to the mounting bracket, it adjusts the reading angle to prevent unnecessary readings from the sides.

* Encrypted Tag ID Communication
By using the secured algorithms between the reader and the card, it offers encrypted card ID communication

* IP66 / IK08 Rating (Epoxy Potted)
Indoor / Outdoor Operation

* Compatible Cards : IDA245N, IDA245N-H2