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VIVOTEK’s IP9172-LPC (Freeway) is a high-performance, network-based vehicle imaging system designed to provide clear license plate images for reliable recognition in high-speed traffic applications. Adopting a 3-Megapixel global shutter sensor providing high-resolution images to support a wide range of dual lane scenarios and the built-in corresponding pulse mode IR LEDs, the camera can support a maximum car speed of up to 250kmph with lower power consumption.

Employing the unique Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) function allows the camera to capture both surrounding and license plate views even at night time. Additionally, the IP9172-LPC is endowed with a 12-40mm focal length remote focus lens. The CaMate IR utilizing CVA Tech provides adjustable beam angles from 20 to 40 degrees for variable distances, enabling the installers to adjust zoom/focus both more precisely and with greater flexibility.


Key Features

  • Capture Vehicle Speeds of up to 155MPH (250 km/hr)
  • Global Shutter Camera and Pulsed Mode IR Illuminator
  • Supreme Anti-Glare Capability
  • Automatic Exposure Bracketing Function (AEB)
  • Deal with Reflective and Non-Reflective License Plates by Single Camera
  • Pre-Assembled LPC Kit for Easy Installation
  • Remote Controllable Lens and IR Illuminator for Low Maintenance