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Up to 4 Door Access Control Panel 
Linux Operating System Applied for Higher System Performance and Stability
ERIO (Expansion Readers / Supervised 4-State Inputs / Outputs Board)
– Required for Controllong 5~8 Door
– Additional 4 Readers, 8 Supervised 4-State Inputs, 8 Outputs
– Supports Expansion board iFDC ( Required for controlling 5~8 doors)
Embedded Web Server
– Various Configuration Setting via Web
– Operation without installation of Management software
PoE(Power over Ethernet)
– PoE Plus(802.3at), Max 30W(2.5A)
Automatic System Reset via Self-Diagnosis (Watchdog Function)
Programmable up to 27 different Wiegand Data Formats (up to 53 bits)
Encrypted Data Transmission (AES 256bit) between iFDC and Communication Server
8 Supervised 4-State Input / 8 Output Ports
LED / Buzzer Control
Up to 100,000 User IDs / Up to 100,000 Event Buffers
Local/Zone/Area/Global/Timed/Soft Anti-Passback
Duress Mode
2 Men-Operation Function
Arm/Disarm Function 
Guard Tour Function
Advanced Security Time Schedule Configuration
Configuration Setting per ID
– Time Schedule, Card Usage Expiration Data, Accessible Reader, Door Opening Time, etc.
Event Priority Setting
Alerts when Door Opening Time Exceeds and Forced Door Open
Real-Time Monitoring of Access Door Status / User Access Status / Alarm Status using the Management Software
Lost / Stolen Card Setting
Designed to Withstand ESD(Electro Static Discharge) Shock
Firmware Upgrade via Remote Control
Supports Expansion Input Board (UIM) / Expansion Output Board (UOM)
– UIM : 16 Inputs, 2 Outputs / Up to 4 UIM per iFDC
– UOM : 16 Outputs, 2 Inputs / Up to 4 UOM per iFDC
Ethernet / RS232 / RS485 Communication
Compatible Software : IDTECK ENTERPRISE
Supports Elevator Access Control System