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LGATE-952: Universal Gateway




  • Universal gateway
  • Compliant with ANSI/ASHRAE–135‑2012 and ISO 16484‑5:2012 standard
  • B-BC (BACnet Building Controller) functionality
  • Supports BBMD (BACnet Broadcast Management Device)
  • Supports BACnet MS/‌TP or BACnet/‌IP
  • BACnet Client Function (Write Property, Read Property, COV Subscription)
  • BACnet Client Configuration with configuration tool (scan and EDE import)
  • Compliant with CEA‑709, CEA‑852, and ISO/‌IEC 14908 Standard (LonMark System)
  • Supports TP/‌FT‑10 or IP-852 (Ethernet/‌IP)
  • Support of dynamically created or static NVs
  • Support of CEA‑709 user-defined NVs (UNVTs) and Configuration Properties (SCPTs, UCPTs)
  • Remote Network Interface (RNI) with 2 MNI devices
  • Support of KNX/IP directly, KNX TP1 via LKNX-300 Interface
  • M-Bus Master according to EN 13757-3, connection via optional M‑Bus Converter (L‑MBUS20 or L‑MBUS80)
  • Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU (Master or Slave)
  • Automatic creation of Local Connections (Smart Auto-Connect™)
  • Math objects to execute mathematical operations on data points
  • Automatic mapping of network variables to BACnet objects in accordance with CEN/TS 15231:2005
  • Alarming, Scheduling, and Trending (AST™)
  • Node.js support for easy IoT integration (e.g. Google
    calendar, Alexa & friends, multimedia equipment,…)
  • Event-driven e-mail notification
  • Stores customized graphical pages
  • Visualization of customized graphical pages through LWEB‑900 and LWEB‑802/‌803
  • Built-in OPC XML-DA and OPC UA server
  • Dual switched or separated Ethernet ports
  • Access to network statistics
  • Integrated web server for device configuration and monitoring data points
  • Manual operation using the jog dial or VNC client
  • Local and remote access to information about device status and data points
  • 128×64 graphic display with backlight
  • Configurable via Ethernet/‌IP, USB, or TP/FT‑10
  • Connection to EnOcean wireless devices via LENO‑80x Interface
  • Supports SMI (Standard Motor Interface) through LSMI-80x
  • Supports WLAN through LWLAN‑800 Interface
  • Supports LTE through LTE‑800 Interface
  • Supports MP-Bus through LMPBUS-804 Interface
  • Stores user-defined project documentation