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L-Term Network Terminator (TP/FT-10 and TP/XF-1250)



LOYTEC offers several network terminators in DIN rail housing for the LonMark TP/FT-10 and TP/XF-1250 channels.

L-Term LT-03 offers one standard network terminator for a TP/FT-10 or TP/LPT-10 channel supporting bus and free topology. In addition, LT-03 comes with a network access connector (RJ45) for a simple and reliable connection to the CEA‑709 network e.g. for maintenance or analyzing the network locally.

L-Term LT-33 offers two standard network terminators for TP/FT-10 or TP/LPT‑10 channels in bus and free topology. LT-33 is the perfect solution for LOYTEC network infrastructure products (e.g. L-IP, L-SwitchXP, L-Proxy etc.).

L-Term LT-13 combines a terminator for a TP/FT-10 or TP/LPT-10 channel in bus or free topology with a terminator for a TP/XF-1250 channel. LT-13 is the perfect solution to be used together with the LS-13CB, LS-13300CB, or the LS-13333CB L-SwitchXP.