Mini Cart

L-STAT Room Operator Panel




  • Modbus RTU interface for integration into controllers
  • Easy integration into LOYTEC controllers such as L-INX, L-ROC or LIOB-AIR
  • Segmented LCD display
  • LCD RGB backlight color can be adjusted via network
  • Display time and date
  • Symbols for eco-friendliness level (green leaves)
  • Up to 8 buttons (capacitive touch)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • 3 digital inputs (dry contact)
  • 1 universal input (digital/NTC10k)
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) with content configurable via network
  • Buzzer to provide acoustic feedback for the touch buttons or to indicate alarms
  • Two access levels (end user, system integrator), which are secured via 4-digit pin codes
  • Enclosure color options black and white
  • Individual layout of touch symbols on request to match room functions
  • Individual front cover printing on request to match clients room design or corporate identity
  • Optional occupancy sensor (LSTAT-801 and LSTAT-802 models only)
  • Optional CO₂ sensor (LSTAT-802 models only)
  • Optional EnOcean interface (custom models only) to work as remote EnOcean transceiver for LOYTEC controllers