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L-IP Router BACnet




  • Routes packets between BACnet MS/‌TP and BACnet/‌IP
  • Compliant with ANSI/‌ASHRAE 135‑2012 and ISO 16484‑5:2012 standard
  • BBMD (BACnet Broadcast Management Device)
  • Foreign device support
  • Slave Proxy for up to 32 MS/‌TP slave devices
  • Configuration via built-in web server
  • Built-in OPC XML‑DA and OPC UA server
  • Dual switched or separated Ethernet ports
  • Access to network statistics via web browser
  • BACnet MS/‌TP diagnostic LED
  • BACnet MS/‌TP diagnostic via web interface
  • MS/‌TP remote data packet capture (Wireshark)
  • Ethernet link and activity LED
  • Secure web interface via HTTPS
  • 128×64 graphic display with backlight
  • Local display of device information
  • Manual operation using the jog dial or VNC client
  • Supports WLAN through LWLAN‑800 Interface
  • Supports LTE through LTE‑800 Interface
  • Stores user-defined project documentation
  • Supports VPN for BACnet/IP